People don’t change by ‘seeing the light’.
People change by feeling the fire, the heat.
Knowing what it takes to change is not enough.

You need a trigger.

A transformational experience. A fire. 
Something that spurs you to action.

There is a process that will ignite that fire in you, and the most successful people on the planet have walked it…
The question is, will you?

I spent 15 years investigating the life stories of the world’s great leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators; people like Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Gandhi, JK Rowling, Oprah Winfrey …those who brought something new and creative to the world. And I realized they all shared a common journey, a common pattern of experience that dates back thousands of years and echoes in the greatest stories ever told.

Each of these individuals had to break away from something foundational in their lives in order to discover who they were and what made them tick. They had to separate from forces that defined (and ultimately confined) them, in order to find their authentic voice and unleash their potential.

There are four paths that will get you there: four paths that will help you find your spark and leave your mark on the world. Each involves an act of separation.

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