If you don’t have uncertainty in your life,
you are not on the frontier…

The key to personal growth is pushing beyond your comfort zone. That’s how you arrive at a breakthrough! You have to cross an inner threshold. The question is: how far are you willing to push your body and mind beyond its natural and normal state? How far are you willing to venture into the unknown? And what is the “trigger” that will compel you to take that first step?

To answer this question you must do something difficult. Something your mind has tricked you into believing is against your very survival. You must separate…

Separate from what? From people, places, powers, ideas – anything – that defines (and ultimately confines) you. After all, you are bigger then any of the boxes society and your mind puts you in. You must leave behind realities that prevent your potentialities from finding expression. That is the essence of initiation. Moving away from habitual patterns and norms to create and discover something new.


There are four things you must separate from in order to be initiated into your highest, fullest, most capable self. Work with me to learn more, or stay tuned for my next book.

I can’t wait to share the power of Initiation with you!

So what exactly is an Initiation?

An initiation is like a rite of passage. Literally. It’s a process that tests, transforms and moves you into a higher state of being. Every initiation involves three simple (but not easy) steps. These include:

1) Separation from “the tribe”
2) Transformation through testing and challenge
3) Renewal, discovery and / or the creation of something new

Generally speaking “The Initiation” is a system of personal development. It’s a wisdom guide and road map that reveals the process of human growth, transformation and innovation.

Who can benefit from the Initiation?

Anyone looking for a breakthrough or seeking to move into ‘the next stage’ or phase in life. Whether you are a millenial forging a career path and trying to figure out your next steps; a baby boomer thinking about retirement; an entrepreneur seeking to build a great company or someone who feels stuck in life – the Initiation has something for you.

What can I gain by following the wisdom and path of Initiation?

Self knowledge.
Find your passion and the tools to make it happen.
Enhanced creativity.
Material success.
Fulfillment and inner peace.
And finally, character, without which everything else is a pipe dream.

Why do people need Initiations?

Humans are beings are constantly evolving. Unfolding. Developing. We are works in progress. And yet there is a certain rhythm to life as we move from childhood dependence, to adult independence, to a realization of our inter-dependence and interconnectedness with all things, and from there, to the great beyond…

In the past, we had rituals and mythologies to help harmonize us with this natural progression. There were rites that moved people from one stage of being to the next. Everyone was coordinated and in sync with the mystery of the universe, and with their own selves. Today we have made these rituals obsolete or done away with them completely.

In the words of Joseph Campbell, “people today are hunting around for something they have lost. Some of them know they’re hunting. The ones who don’t are having a really hard time.” (xviii Myths of Light)

The goal of the initiation is to help restore that lost sense of connection with our selves and put us back in touch with the Great mystery that beats in every heart. In the absence of real passage rites, the initiation shows us how to use key life moments and events to evolve into a higher, more capable, complete and self aware state.

Begin Your Initiation Now.

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