Elan Divon – Biography

     Elan Divon is a Harvard-educated author, thought leader, and non-profit executive. His passion?                   Taking wisdom themes from religion and world mythology and distilling them into messages and                    tools that inspire action and foster growth in individuals, organizations and groups.  

Over the last decade Elan has translated his passion into helping people of all ages develop their potential. He has worked with embattled Israeli and Palestinian teenagers in promoting dialogue and leadership; empowered the homeless as an instructor with the Ve’ahavta Street Academy, and engaged business executives, CEO’s and entrepreneurs on how to spur innovation in their companies and non-profit organizations.

As co-founder of the Einstein Legacy Project , Elan has taken his knowledge to a global stage to help find and support the next generation of Einstein’s and innovators on the planet. In this capacity, he also serves as director of the Genius 100 Visions project: a publishing milestone that invites 100 of the leading scientists, artists, literary figures and influencers on the planet to share their vision of the future in the world’s first 3D printed book designed by acclaimed artist Ron Arad. The book will be launched in Montreal on September 10 2017, with the convening of its 100 visionary contributors in what is being dubbed “The Dinner of the Century”.
More information at www.alberteinsteinfoundation.com

As a writer, Elan contributes to The Huffington Post and Beliefnet. In 2010, he self published his first book, Reaching Beyond the Religious which received the Editor’s Choice and Rising Star Awards from iUniverse. Elan holds Masters Degrees from Brandeis and Harvard Universities and is a proud citizen of the world having grown up between Israel, India, SriLanka, Ethiopia, and England prior to moving to North America in 2001.