What if the greatest innovators, entrepreneurs and influencers on the planet shared a common experience? A sequence of events that allowed them to find their spark and bring their gifts to the world – whether it be a technology or a talent, an art form or a business venture?

The Initiation is a wisdom guide and memoir that reveals this sequence to you, unlocking three simple steps behind all human transformation, growth and innovation. The book explains that in order to “create” something new in the world and ultimately in ourselves, we need to separate from forces that define and ultimately confine us…forces that limit our ability to be our greatest selves.

Drawing upon the story of its author as well as the biographies of icons, religious figures and everyday Joes, the book reveals four paths of initiation each of us can travel in order to emerge into our power and bring forth that which makes us exceptional.


In a groundbreaking comparison between the Biblical and Hindu traditions, Reaching Beyond the Religious reveals a wisdom that transcends time and space, one that has the power to transform how we think about religion and spirituality in the 21st century. Challenging the notion that we can create our destinies by tapping into the power of our intentions, the book flips the paradigm on its head and tests our basic assumptions about the world, God, and the human condition.

Weaving between mythology and reality, East and West, the book unearths seven wisdom themes from across the religious divide and maps these onto the complexities of modern life. From Genesis, Job and the Hindu god, Shiva, to the dramatic Presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama; from the life stories of Biblical Patriarchs and Hindu icons to those of contemporary greats such as J.K. Rowling, Michael Jordan and Warren Buffett, this is a book that charts the teachings of the past onto the present while exploring humankind’s most pressing questions. Supported by compelling examples taken from nature, pop culture and recent history, prepare to be surprised and inspired by what you discover.


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