Twenty years ago I was sitting in a Jerusalem café on a date, ready to order ice cream, when three powerful explosions shook the ground and darkened the skies.

I ran for cover into an alleyway as people screamed and scattered in different directions, narrowly escaping one of the worst terrorist bombings in the city’s history. I was lucky to be alive…

The experienced forced me to ask a few questions: Why am I here? Do I have a purpose? And what now? I didn’t have answers but felt the questions burning. I felt a calling.

This event triggered something in me. It compelled me to leave behind everyone and everything I knew, and later quit a lucrative job in Manhattan to invest my entire life savings in the pursuit of a growing passion for spirituality and ancient wisdom.

I went on to study archaeology, anthropology and later comparative religion at Harvard University, each step bringing me closer to my own truth and providing insight into the inner workings of the human psyche.

And then…..Eureka! Something clicked. I noticed a pattern. And it was BEAUTIFUL.

I discovered the path of Initiation.

Since discovering the Initiation I’ve been sharing it with the world in different ways. I’ve worked with CEO’s, entrepreneurs, the homeless, conflicted youth…. Directed a peace camp for Palestinian and Israeli teenagers, and most recently co-founded the Einstein Legacy Project; a global initiative that helps identify and empower the world’s next Einstein’s and creative minds.

Now I want to share the wisdom of Initiation with you. Work with me and together we will start a process to help you find your spark and and leave YOUR mark on the world.


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