Delivering words that inspire change

I deliver keynotes and offer consultations to people and organizations
seeking growth, wisdom, impact and inspiration.

My keynotes are designed to

Help you think (and think different)
Understand who you are and what makes you tick
Identify the forces holding you or your company back
Understand what it takes to innovate and create lasting change

Popular Topics

Groups Elan has addressed include:

  • Passionate. Original. Powerful. Enlightening. That’s Elan Divon.

    Melanie Novis, President, Corporate Speech Consultants & Author of Canadian Public Speaking
  • I’ve heard Elan Divon speak on two occasions. I know everyone found their time with him to be stimulating and worthwhile. Elan has an engaging and important story to tell; one that brings history and ancient wisdom to bear on the personal and business challenges of our day. He is a unique motivational speaker with a fresh perspective and a powerful message.

    Les Mandelbaum, President, CEO and Co-founder, Umbra Ltd.
  • Elan delivered an extraordinary presentation on entrepreneurship at one of our executive retreats. Over the past decade I’ve worked with hundreds of presenters from across Canada, and Elan was certainly one of the very best. He’s original, engaging, funny, and has a unique ability to make connections between different disciplines and motivate people through his wisdom and passion. Impressed? I’ve invited him back to deliver the keynote at our annual leadership conference.

    Leon Goren, President & CEO, Presidents of Enterprising Organizations
  • Elan delivered a superb presentation at our Tiger 21 meeting in Toronto. Religion and Innovation? I never saw that one coming, but Elan has an extraordinary ability to see things that other people don’t – and bring value, intelligence, and inspiration in the process. His ‘five core principles every entrepreneur must follow’ is an essential for any aspiring entrepreneur and successful business leader. I look forward to reading his next book on the subject, and to hearing him speak again.

    Thane Stenner, Managing Director and Founding Member, TIGER 21 Canada
  • Occasionally one meets a young man of great potential. Think of him as a young Pierre Trudeau. Elan is an intellectual with the heart of a soldier and yet he relates to children, teenagers, adults and seniors. Astonishing. He responds to people in a cultural context. In this regard he is not only very Canadian but a man of the world with the elegance and mannerisms that come with the role. As a speaker he is engaging, his ideas riveting, fresh and inventive, but as a young man on the move, he is simply fun to watch. I could not recommend him more highly.

    Sharon E. McKay, Award Winning Author & Canadian War Artist
  • Many bright minds pass through Harvard each year. Very few have the unique combination of courage, determination, eloquence and imagination to take their passion, nurture their ideas, and bring them into the realm of actuality. Elan Divon is one such gifted individual. He is a young leader, one that I am confident will make a positive difference in the world.

    Dr. Sanjiv Chopra, Dean for Continuing Education, Harvard Medical School, best selling author & leadership expert

For more information about Elan or to invite him to your next event, please contact: Helen Hatzis, Principal, Bucket List Inc.

Cell: 416.508.5652

Download Elan's Speaker's Kit here.

Upcoming Speaking Events

The Final Teaching: Going Beyond the Forms to Find the Treasure

Wu Xing Martial Arts Studios 374 Dupont Street, Toronto, October 15, 2016


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