"Our stories are the ladders that help us touch the stars..."


If you had the power to inspire someone, wouldn’t you?

You have that power! And it’s contained in your story. In every victory, vulnerability, tragedy, and triumph that has brought you to this moment. Your story can move someone else’s to glory. Now is your opportunity to share it and advance the story of someone else. 

What makes an "initiation" story? A separation from a person, place, idea or thing that was (or still is) very important to you. Have you loved and lost? Moved to a new city, left home or feel out of your comfort zone? Have you been fired from your job, alienated from your "tribe" or dealing with a debilitating fear? Those are initiations!

Describe what you learned and the wisdom you gleaned from the process. Maybe you're still in the thick of it. This section is meant to be a platform for sharing and building a community of likeminded initiates. It is also meant to be a repository of wisdom. Thank you and welcome to the Initiation community!

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